take your coat off...stay a while

Hello there loves!
Im Desirae.
im 19 and from the mitten state of Michigan.
This is my second blog feel free to add my first one. Rainbowslice17.tumblr.com
Im 7 months out of gastric sleeve surgery.
Im learning to love my body. Im an open book. A flawed pefection. A free spirt an a lover.
~Thanks for being part of the ride<3!









Some days i think fatphobes are just jelly. 

Beach bodies.

I want this on my blog again because these ladies look like me and it is cool.

I’m a transmn and I still really want a pretty bikini omg

The topmost picture of the girl in red ensemble made me so freaking jelly because that is exactly my body type and my mum would throw me out of the house if dont “cover my fat”. Man I wish i had their confidence.

You need to kick your mum in the kidneys, stomach and trachea, then dress however you like.

Can we talk about how fabulous all these women are? Because they are all fucking fabulous. 

dayum, girls

(Source: fullerfigurefullerbust, via rainbowslice17)


Sailing in style!

Photographer: Dominique LaBrosse

Wardrobe by Stop Staring provided by Scout Boutique

Jewelry by Mirror Mirror Bijoux

(via rainbowslice17)


A few years ago, I wouldn’t even wanna look at my own body.

I’ts taken me a long time to get here and I still have road up ahead of me, but im happy. Im fat and fabulous. My rolls don’t define me like I felt they use too. My stomach and loose arm skin don’t tell you what kind of person I am. They don’t tell you my journey, my struggles, my passions. They don’t tell you how I take my coffee or that I love to snuggle. They don’t you I love to sing and how close I am to my family. They don’t tell you what’s important.

I use to look in the mirror and tell myself “What kind of person would want a fat girl like me..” Now I can look in the mirror and wonder why someone wouldn’t want a fat girl like me.  Im more than just my fat. Im pure fully awesomeness. Sometimes, I still dislike my body. I got through days where I down myself. But then I remember how far I’ve came from where I use to be and how the past few years I’ve learned that their are women and men who love fat. Who wont judge me for me. I’ve learned that their are people who struggle just like me and band together on places like this to promote self love.and knowing those things are empowering.

One day at a time, Today, I feel really good..


Im a vampire…these are the stages I go through before biteing.

1. Let’s talk..be funny or have deep conversations with me. Let’ be freinds.

2.Lots of kisses, it’s a must..I must seduce you with awkwardness and humor then kisses you a lot

3. You’re mine..now let me nom you…*nom nom nom* <3

hahaha >.< 

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