Growing up, I was always the different one. I was always put down before people knew me. Through out the years I have been teased, heartbroken, and discriminated based off my weight. I think the most pain came from self hate. For the longest time, I hated who I was. I begged for my body to match my personality for years. But what I never realized was…It does. Just like my personality my body is big,bold and beautiful.  Though I have a long journey of self acceptance ahead of me, Im trying really hard and have came really far. Sometimes I forget who I am and have to remind myself im lovely. Tonight..I feel lovely.
So, here is to me, and to everyone who is trying to love themselves! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  
And to every person who hurt me growing up. Every person who chooses to stare at me in disgust when I go places because I look different. Every person who thinks because im overweight I’ll never find anyone to love me FOR me. For every person who wouldn’t date me just because of my weight. For every person who has ever told me “Do you think you should eat that” with snotty tone in there voice. For every person who never took the time to know me,simply based off my looks. To society who tells me this isn’t beautiful. 
fuck you!
you can have a tummy…and still be yummy. 
I love you guys. keep on rocking and being lovely…you are my heroes <3